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Global Internet Strategy


Conversion offers unbiased Internet strategy consulting to balance your Internet presence across each online medium. Conversion's formula combines constructive business analysis with global (and local) market penetration planning. Our method of Geographic and Demographic audience targeting works to increase conversion rates. Our process is simple and removes the mystery. We put tangible returns for your Internet efforts in you and your investors' hands. Our technique will ensure a more telling, faster and more effective entry into your desired market.


Business Process Optimisation Consulting


Scripting a gap analysis of the current Global Internet presence and architecture versus the ideal presence and architecture in which key decision makers would receive appropriate information. Analysis of business processes, communications systems and online architecture used in online marketing as well as online business processes. In particular we assist firms in better collecting, analysing, and reporting the information to increase their return on investment. This solution is particularly useful to travel and tourism companies wishing to turn global opportunities into revenue. The solution is also ideal for marketing companies, agencies, Industry bodies, commerce chambers and NGO's.


Internal Competency Building


Conversion Online works to develop a vast range of Internet related competencies within your organisation. We employ assessment based traditional training techniques along with business analysis to build customised courses for your organisation. We conduct face-to-face training, online engagement and discovery workshops aligning your employees to your Internet strategy and business strategy. Companies are beginning to see the value of bringing these important skills in-house. More
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