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Conversion Google Adwords Services (PPC or Paid Search)


AdWords and Google Marketing Reach
Google helps you reach consumers in a relevant, accountable way. Reach the audiences that matter most to your business. More than 170 million people use the Internet in the United States. Google?s network reaches 80% of these potential customers. You can target potential customers by neighborhood, city, state, or country. AdWords is available in 38 different languages and 250 countries.


Connect with consumers when it?s relevant.
AdWords shows ads to potential customers when they're actively searching for what businesses like yours have to offer. Your ads are being placed when decisions are being made. Of consumers making in-store purchases in key categories, 89% have conducted online research prior to purchase. AdWords Return on Investment (ROI)


Measure and improve your return on investment.
AdWords gives you a range of helpful online tracking tools so you can understand what?s working, what?s not, and which adjustments you can make to maximize your investment. It costs nothing to develop AdWords ads and there?s no minimum spend. You only pay when consumers click on your ad to go to your site. You can adjust, pause, or stop your campaigns at any time. AdWords Impact on Conversions


In online advertising, a conversion occurs when a click on your ad leads directly to user behavior you deem valuable, such as a purchase, signup, page view, or lead. Conversion tracking, then, is a way to monitor and evaluate how well your ad campaigns convert into a meaningful action like a sale.


Because AdWords delivers people information about the products and services they're already looking for, it can help to drive conversions.


Your AdWords account includes a conversion-tracking tool to measure your conversions and ultimately help you identify how effective your AdWords ads and keywords are for you.