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Conversion Google Analytics


Conversion Online Strategy consulting provides services and consulting around certain technologies we believe are leading edge. One of these technologies is Google Analytics. Conversion Online Strategy consulting does consult on other technologies such as WebTrends, LiveAnalysis, Coremetrics, Omniture and others. Due to popular demand, our featured analytics program is Google Analytics; the information below will help you to in your adoption of this analytics tool.



Installing Google Analytics


Conversion conducts a 2 hour training workshop for your staff on how to analyse the Google Reports. Conversion Online Strategy Consulting provides Google Analytics web analytics installation on your website. This is a free service to Cape companies only.



Conversion Online University Google
Conversion University offers a Google Analytics qualification that provides individuals with an in-depth understanding of Conversion Analysis. This is an introduction to the first Google Conversion University event and gives a perspective of the evolution of Google Analytics.


This will prepare one for the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ) test or to become a more astute Google Analytics user. The presentations move quickly, and once can use the Pause and Back buttons to review and take notes. A Google Analytics account is recommended so that one can apply what one learns.


There has always been a strong emphasis on the design and aesthetics of a website but this is focus is changing to Analytics. Previously there has been little focus on usability, conversion rate or site effectiveness (using actual metrics). The mind-shift has will not mean ugly, bland websites but it does place the priority of analytics squarely in number one position when considering the performance of a website. Indications of a successful design can be found in the web results and analytics. The opposite is not true; a pleasing design does not necessarily mean a high performance site.



New Google Analytics user?


If you've just started using Google Analytics and you aren't sure which reports to look at, this video provides a helpful 1st-timer description. Taking the time to watch these videos can save you hours, if not days of struggling to understand the Google Analytics interface. Although the interface is quite intuitive, there are some things that simply need to be taught. It would be similar to learning to drive a car; one wouldn't simply take to the wheel without some instruction first.



Most web companies and web-masters preview Google Analytics reports, and simply send them on to stakeholders without documenting a scheduled review. It is important to note the difference between analysis and reporting. Reporting would be defined as providing a report of figures and percentages to stakeholders. Analysis would be the act of conducting in-depth research into the reports and documenting your findings. Each website is different and hence analysis should be done according to the business objectives and goals of the website as opposed to simply emailing a .pdf or .xls to someone.