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Conversion Architecture
The process of building a website (or solution or campaign) for your business is similar to creating a building. We develop a solution based on your needs, according to the agreed architectural plans and specifications. You are creating a structure that will be valuable and useful. Each of the parties involved, from client to designer need to understand the architecture. Our job is to conceptualize with you, find out your needs and wants and present them in an actionable, practical way. We then build according to a project plan and we invoice according to progress/performance milestones. Read more.


Online Branding
We work with clients to formulate a powerful online brand strategy. The rules online are less rigid than in traditional media. Anything is possible, the environment is dynamic, risks are large but returns can be incredible. Conversion Online keeps it simple, we show results and our contracts are performance driven. We do the creative and the planning. Read more.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
We cater for all aspects of search engine optimisation. This includes building a reputation for your online property on other sites. This is known as off-site Search Engine Optimisation It also entails structuring your website to be search engine friendly, so your website talks to Google and Google's users find you. This is known as on-site Search Engine Optimisation. Read more.


Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Google's paid search engine is a highly effective way of targeting an audience. Conversion Online has extensive experience in paid search. Conversion will work with you to build an effective campaign based on the type of promotion you want for your product, service or brand. Read more.


Conversion Analytics
Conversion Online offers free Google Analytics web analytics installation on your website. This includes a 2 hour training workshop for your staff on how to analyze the Google Report. Cape companies only. Read more.


Conversion Email Marketing
Conversion offers an email marketing program which includes: Template design, database management, spam management, opt-in and opt-out management and communications strategy consulting.


Conversion Strategy Consulting & Training
We work to understand your business needs and develop a coherent strategy that may include: outcomes based training or planning for; email marketing; affiliate marketing; pay per click search marketing; business process automation; web analytics; campaign analytics and CRM marketing.

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